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A 45 year old woman conceives with triplets 

A 45 year old woman married for about 20 years without a child presented with difficulty getting pregnant. She did IVF twice which both failed with the second one resulting in ectopic pregnancy. In the process she lost one of her fallopian tubes.

Somebody at one of the IVF centers in Accra recommended Zoe Fertility to her. She was seen and diagnosed of ovarian dysfunction. Alternative Medical treatment was initiated for a period of three months. 

Towards the end of the treatment, her husband who is a 60yr old man living abroad came down and stayed for one month then he left for abroad. Six weeks later, the woman had missed her period and when she came to the hospital for checkup it was confirmed she has conceived with triplets.

A woman with a case of absent menses for 11 years conceives 

A  47 year old woman who presented with a case of absent menses for a period of 11years conceives for the first time. This woman had been battling with infertility for over 20years. According to her, she did IVF once which failed. 

Prior to coming to Zoe Fertility, she has not seen her menses for 11years. She was seen and diagnosed of premature menopause and alternative treatment was initiated. 

After 5 weeks of taking the medication, she came for a review but had still not seen the menses. The doctor requested for a pregnancy test which proved to be positive for pregnancy. Pelvic scan done indicated she was 4 weeks pregnant to the amazement of all the staff and the woman herself. What a blessing!

A lady with blocked fallopian tube conceives 

A 29 year old lady presented with a case of difficult conception for about 6years. She had a past history of ectopic pregnancy which led to her loss of one side of her fallopian tubes. Subsequently, it was found out that she has a case of hydrosalpinx in the other tube as well. The husband gave her money to do an IVF which failed.

 Upon her recommendation to Zoe Fertility, she was seen, diagnosed and managed as a case of infertility with blocked fallopian tube. An alternative therapy was initiated and thankfully she conceived within the first month of treatment. 

When her child was 9momths old, she came again to see the doctor for a second attempt. To the amazement of all the staff she conceived again, and now she has two beautiful kids.

A man with a case of azoospermia impregnates wife 

A 42 year old man diagnosed with a case of azoospermia was given treatment for a period of 3months. Just around the second month of treatment, the wife missed her period. A home pregnancy test done by her revealed she was pregnant. 

The man brought the wife for confirmation and it was found out that she was 5weeks pregnant. Apparently, the man had been told at another fertility Centre that the only way out for him to have a child would be to get a donor sperm. 

To his utter amazement, the wife conceived naturally whiles he was on treatment at Zoe Fertility.

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